Frequently Asked Questions


MojoReporter is an app and centralised dashboard created for content creators and mojo teams to be able to send secure MOJO packages, which can contain videos, audio, photos, and GPS locations to multiple destinations for backup, review or further publishing.

If you are a content creator, you can sign up for free. You can create and store your secure stories and their media. These stories can be shared across social platforms.

If you are part of a larger content creation team, you can sign up for the mojo team platform. The team edition implementation of MojoReporter is best suited for a media group or publishing house with a team of mobile journalists. We will set up and brand your own closed, secure and branded MojoReporter TEAM EDITION platform.

It’s a great way to keep all the media captured by your MOJO team in a secure app and web environment for further distribution or retrieval.


Simply download either the Android or iOS version of the app, sign in with either Google, Facebook or Twitter, and you’re all set!

You can log in via Google, Facebook or Twitter. So your details are the same as your respective Google, Facebook or Twitter account.

If you are a part of the team edition, simply log in with your company email. If you cannot log in, please check with your company’s organiser to ensure your user account has been created.

There is no cost for the freelance version. If you are apart of a larger team and would like to use the MojoReporter TEAM EDITION, please contact MojoReporter for further details at [email protected].


The Mojo Feed is where you can view all posts made by your team, as well as comment on their posts.

All audio, images and videos that you have taken/recorded from the app, are stored in your Mojo Library. From here you can access all media from within the app, as well as import media from your device library. Media stored in your Mojo Library is NOT shared to your device library by default.


Please ensure that you have logged in with an email address that has been registered by your team. If you have logged in with a different email address, you will be signed into the freelance edition.

Please note, if you signed in before being added to a team, you will need to log out and back in. Once back in you should see a little drop down arrow by your username, tap that and select your team.

Freelance Mojoreporter is your own personal Mojo. Only you can see your posts, and you will not be able to see a post from anyone else. If this sounds like a mistake, please sign out and back in with your company/team email address.

Your team should be automatically selected. If it isn’t, simply tap on the drop down arrow next to your username, and select your team.

Yes, you will still have access to the freelance version after signing into a team. Just tap the drop down arrow next to your username and select ‘Mojo Reporter’ (on iOS) or ‘Freelance’ (on Android).


Please ensure that you are signed into your team. You might currently be signed into the freelance version if you used a different email address. Try tapping the drop down arrow next to your username, and select your team. If you don’t see a drop down arrow, something may have gone wrong in the sign in process, please try signing out and signing back in with your team email address. This is most likely NOT the email address that ends in ‘’.

Create a new post by simply tapping the plus button in the menu bar

First things first, check your connection! Phones can be weird, so please check that you can browse the internet or perform some other action that you know requires a strong connection. If all is well, please try uploading again, there may have been a temporary loss of signal that interrupted the upload.

Our testing team has spent countless hours trying to find bugs, but you may have found a new one, so please contact [email protected] if the problem persists.

On the freelance version, only you can see your posts. On a team edition, anyone who is a registered Mojo user for your team can view the dashboard, and hence, your post. (You can view theirs too).

Yes you can. After deleting your post, the post will be moved to the ‘Trashed’ folder. To recover it, just open it and edit/republish it, or restore it as a draft post.

Yes, deleting the post from the ‘My Posts’ screen will ensure it is removed immediately from the dashboard.

Attach to your heart’s content. Just know that more media makes your post bigger and may take longer to upload.

Photos and videos taken from your phone can be quite large, so if you’d like to save some data, you can choose to have your attachments compressed on upload, which will make their file size smaller! Remember, with smaller files comes less quality, so if that photo you’re uploading is heading towards a magazine cover or front page article, maybe don’t compress.

By default, MojoReporter does not save any images, videos or audio to your device. It is saved to your Mojo Library, and can only be accessed from within the Mojo App. If you’re pretty sure you’re not going to be crossing borders with sensitive material on your phone, you may turn this feature off in Settings, which can be found through the menu in the Mojo App.

You can download media from any posts made by your team by simply opening the post, opening the media item you wish to download, and then by tapping either the download button directly above (on Android), or the menu button directly above and then selecting ‘Save’ (on iOS). The item will be saved to your device library, not your Mojo Library.

If you are freelance Mojo user, you can share a post by going to the ‘My Posts’ screen and sharing it from there.

Like someone’s post? Let them know by tapping the Comment button at the top of the Post screen on iOS.
On Android, the comments can be found directly below the post.

Storyboard is an end result of a post created in your MojoReporter app, so you can’t rearrange on the dashboard, but you can go back into the post you’ve created on your mobile and rearrange media there. If you are viewing a Storyboard of someone else’s post, you won’t be able to edit that.


If you’d like to know the instant your colleagues post, or when they comment on a post of yours, then head to Settings in the menu to manage your notifications.


If you’re unsure of anything, or would like to provide some feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]!