Did you know?


MojoReporter is a platform that includes an app for mobile and a dashboard for desktop to work seamlessly between the two devices.

MojoReporter is for anyone who works within the media, marketing, brands, sports, education, NGO, NPO, CSI and entertainment and creative industries.

MojoReporter has a feature called My Mojo which allows you to upload media content so you can transfer these media files, like photos, pictures, videos and audio; individually or in a packaged format from your mobile device to a recipient who can receive and download it from their mobile device or desktop/laptop.

MojoReporter has a feature called “Mojo Community” which allows you to upload your work (in a picture, video, audio format) to share with like-minded people who have also joined the “Mojo Community. You can choose to add your GPS location to your work, showing where that work has been produced. You can also comment on other work uploaded by other “Mojos” or share their work to social media if it interests you.

MojoReporter has a feature called “MojoReporter Team Edition” which allows people to work as efficient, collaborative teams. Content Contributors will go out there and gather content and information from the field/ground, like a “reporter” and submit that content into a centralized place where other members of the team can have access to it to download to a mobile device, desktop device or PC/laptop – or share that content to social media in real-time.

You can create teams for:

  • Content producers or multimedia producers within your organisation who contribute content to your published platforms, but need to be managed and filtered first.
  • Influencers who contribute content towards your campaigns or business content.
  • Brand Ambassadors who gather content for you, especially if you have Brand Ambassadors working from different cities and/or countries.
  • Freelancers and bloggers who you have recruited to contribute content for you.
  • Interns who are learning to capture and submit content using their mobile phones.
  • Sports players who capture real-time ‘stories’ for behind-the-scenes content.
  • Celebrities who want people to keep up with their day-to-day moments – and need to send to their social media teams first before the content is posted live.
  • Schools and universities who have students and faculty staff who contribute media content.
  • NPOs, NGOs, and CSI teams who want to capture and store their good news media content before selecting the best media collection for PR.
  • Creatives within digital agencies and marketing agencies who need to submit content created by apps on the mobile devices which need to be uploaded to a centralized dashboard which you can now filter, comment, review, and choose the best before downloading and using.
  • If you’re not one of the above, you can still request to create a team to make use of the features that would best help your organization to work privately and securely.
  • MojoReporter can be accessed via desktop by going to your dashboard and looking at content submitted by your teams via mobile. This allows you to stay off Whatsapp (which is a huge distraction for many and allows you to avoid blue-ticking others).
  • MojoReporter also allows you to view all media that are displayed in a dashboard format so you can view all the content clearly, without conversations in between and unnecessary scrolling.

MojoReporter allows you to change the format of your media file to popularly used media formats. You can immediately download media files to your device and start using them. Downloaded files do not expire.

Mojo Community declutters your shared audience by allowing you to share your work with only like-minded individuals in the industry. This also allows you to network with others from across the globe, exposing you to opportunities to work with others. Your work can now get recognised by people with similar interests, making feedback on your work a lot more constructive and unbiased.

Getting Started

There are two ways you can sign up for MojoReporter.

  1. You can download the MojoReporter app using an Android device or an iPhone. Our app is available on both the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.
  2. You can click on the sign up/login buttons on the MojoReporter website.

We have made it very quick and easy for you to sign up.
You can simply click on the ‘Login with Facebook’, ‘Login with Google’ “Login with “Twitter” and click submit. That’s it. We require nothing else from you, unless you want to create your own team then you need to go a little step further.

If you are viewing this from the website version, you need to click on “Mojo Teams” or “Register Teams” from the navigation menu and follow the steps. The steps that follow will be:

  • Choose your platform
  • Choose your team package.
  • Set up your team
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email
  • Wait for 24 hours for our team to set you up with all the exciting features.
  • When you’re all set up, you will be notified by email. Then it’s all systems go.

Go to your dashboard from your desktop. Click on your avatar. Go to “Account Settings” and select “Deactivate Account”.  The team edition will run until the end of the last transactable month. Note: We’re still tweaking this feature, so if you encounter any issues, please email [email protected].

Yes. Contact us anytime to request the “UGC in-app” option. Email [email protected]. We’ve done this for existing clients, so this can be implemented as soon as you would like to have it.

That’s OK. You can email [email protected] at any time. We have a great team who will assist you at any time.

We would be really sad to see you give up your Mojo but if you want to cancel your Team Edition, you can go to your dashboard from your desktop and click on Manage Teams. Delete your team. You can set up a new team at any time.