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Whether you’re an individual with a passion for digital media, or a brand wanting to standardise the way you manage mobile content, it makes sense that the platform you use to capture, store and share your mobile media is as simple as possible, empowering you to focus on the important stuff – telling your story.

This was the inspiration behind MojoReporter. More than just a fresh look and feel, the relaunch of our mobile media production platform is a recommitment to simplicity, giving organisations of all kinds the means to effortlessly collect, store and publish mobile media from a secure, private team of content creators, increasing team collaboration and the value of your mobile media; while allowing freelancers and other individuals to store, manage and share their mobile content with clients, colleagues, friends and family.


Mojo Teams
Whether you’re a brand, publisher, broadcaster, sporting organisation, educational institution or more, our new Mojo team offerings – ranging from our Starter package to our Enterprise solution – mean any type of organisation, no matter how big or small, can enjoy the benefits of their own private MojoReporter team platform.

MojoReporter Team Edition means you can collect packages of photos, videos, audio files and GPS locations from your MojoReporter team of journalists, photographers, influencers, freelancers and more, who can post their mobile media directly from the MojoReporter app to your access controlled, cloud-powered team dashboard.

A dash of style
As part of our commitment to making MojoReporter a platform for everyone, we’re handing over the keys of our Mojo dashboard to individual content creators too. All MojoReporter users now have access to their own personal web dashboard where you can manage all of the digital media you collect with your MojoReporter app in one central, secure location.


Mojo branded platforms
We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. MojoReporter is introducing two new platform solutions, so you can choose the Mojo Community that best fits you or your organisation.

Are you a professional sports organisation? SportMojos gives you the tools to transform your players and fans into the ultimate content producers, enabling you to collect those unique, unguarded, behind-the-scenes sporting moments.

CampusMojos, our platform for educational institutions, increases collaboration between faculties and students, enabling the sharing of images and videos for information, awareness-raising and marketing purposes, as well as just for fun and promoting creativity.

Mojo Challenges
Are you a digital editor, broadcasting director, brand manager or campaign planner that needs just the right type of content for your news report, broadcast, column, or marketing campaign? Commission your MojoReporter team by creating content challenges on your MojoReporter team dashboard. Getting the content you need has never been easier!


Mojo Community
Ever been picked last for the team? MojoReporter would never do that to you. In fact, all MojoReporter users are now given membership to our Mojo Community. Now you can post content to your own private My Mojo dashboard, share your media with the Mojo Community, or contribute media to a private MojoReporter team, simply by switching profiles within the app.

The Mojo Community is a public space for passionate mobile content capturers. Share your Mojo posts to our Mojo Community dashboard, participate in exclusive Mojo challenges and connect with like-minded content creators from around the world.

Mojo Diaries
Keep your Mojo team in the loop with Mojo Diaries, allowing team administrators to inform team members of upcoming events, team meetings, travel arrangements, press conferences and more. Creating a diary entry on the Mojo dashboard is quick and simple, and can be viewed by team members on the team dashboard or in the app.



Whether you’re a brand that wants to increase mobile media production, centralise your digital assets and increase collaboration, or a passionate digital storyteller looking for a powerful mobile tool to help you manage your content and share it with the world, we would love you to try out the new and improved MojoReporter.

Start your free one-month team trial now or visit our website to learn more.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’re enjoying using MojoReporter and where it can be improved. You can send your feedback to [email protected].

Happy content capturing!

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