Official Announcement: MojoReporter launches exciting new features

A NEW ERA: Today we are announcing our exciting rollout of the new, improved MojoReporter — which will change the way mobile content is captured, stored and published.

Our strategic focus is to make MojoReporter the mobile workflow platform of choice for brands, publishers, broadcasters, sporting organisations, educational institutions and any organisation that wants a standardised, collaborative platform that harnesses the power of the modern smartphone as a digital media collection tool.


Modern smartphones have made it possible to instantaneously collect and share content. It makes sense that the platform mobile content capturers use should be as seamless as possible.

After years of extensive collaboration with some of the most recognised, large-scale global content houses; the relaunch of MojoReporter is a recommitment to organisations or individuals who want to build loyal digital communities – by collecting and storing digital content easily and securely to tell authentic stories.

Clinton Bosch, CTO of MojoReporter, says that the industry has spearheaded towards a highly penetrated mobile-first world.

“Almost everyone, no matter the socio-economic sector, has a smartphone device. To add to that, data is becoming increasingly accessible to most markets, globally.

“It’s very important that employees and influencers, particularly Generation Z, who are highly skilled at mobile content capturing, are effectively equipped with the right platform, tools, and workflow to submit authentic brand content for their organisations.

“It’s very important that employees and influencers who are highly skilled at mobile content capturing, are effectively equipped to submit authentic brand content”

“The shift began when brands, agencies and media organisations had to serve their target audiences 24/7 and had to rethink their influencer marketing strategies.

“A competitive advantage for a company in the mobile world is how quickly and effectively content teams plan, produce and publish relevant and compelling digital media for a fast-paced market.”


The majority of media today is created, distributed and consumed with a mobile device. Organisations of any kind, such as those in the media, brand, sports or education industries, that improve their mobile media collection capability will immediately differentiate themselves. Implementing a mobile media collection platform helps strengthen and establish a media syndication service for the media contributors and wider network of contributors and having the ability to send mobile teams specific media requests, assists with events and campaigns through centralised control and reporting.


You can expect an extensive list of new and improved products and features from MojoReporter that will improve the collection, value and accessibility of mobile media produced by your organisation.

The exclusive MojoReporter Team edition

Everyone wants to be part of the dream team. Private MojoReporter teams of content producers – including journalists, photographers, influencers and other contributors – can post content to a centralised private dashboard from anywhere in the world – to increase collaboration in real-time before the work is published live.

Welcome to Mojo Community

Picked last for the team? Mojo Community would never do that to you. Anyone can join the Mojo Community by default. The Mojo Community is a public space for passionate mobile content capturers to share their creative work, participate in exclusive and exciting Mojo Challenges and connect with like-minded content creators from around the world.

My Mojo

Sheldon Cooper tendencies? Yes, we know that you like to work by yourself. You can be yourself on My Mojo. No team. No community. Upload your best or worst work to your own dashboard. Share the best work when it’s called for. Just drop it in the recipient’s inbox or direct messaging apps. No expiry on transfer links.

Have FOMO? Get MOJO…
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