Mojo Community: MojoReporter launches Challenge Platform for digital content creators

MojoReporter is excited to announce the launch of Mojo Community – a brand-new web platform that will ask passionate content creators to rise to the Challenge.

Mojo Community is a platform open to all, featuring a series of content Challenges across multiple verticals – giving registered members an opportunity to share their best creative videos and photos with community members, discover other talented mobile content creators and qualify for incentives and prizes.

Having recently collaborated with major sporting brands Major League Rugby and the British & Irish Lions to launch branded fan challenge platforms for their fans – Mojo Community represents the latest step in a journey towards establishing MojoReporter as an innovative provider of community engagement solutions across transitional media, brands, education and sport.

“We enjoyed working with MLR and the Lions immensely to bring behind-the-scenes fan stories to life,” says MojoReporter communications manager Nick van Rensburg. “Mojo Community is our platform that aims to create a community of like-minded content creators looking to get creative and test themselves by responding to our incentivised Challenges.

“We envision our community playing a role in the discovery of talented, up-and-coming content creators and influencers who brands might want to work with. Our long-term vision is to provide brands of all kinds the opportunity to conduct branded Challenges on our platform, to unearth unique UGC content for social campaigns and other marketing related activities that will set their brand storytelling apart.”


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