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MojoReporter is the future of mobile media collection for teams, communities and content creators
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Multi-functional mobile media workflow for brands, media, sport, education and everyone in-between


Mojo Apps

Are you a mobile content producer looking for a better way to collect and share mobile media? Download our game-changing mobile apps

  • Create and upload videos, photos, audio
  • Pin location to post
  • Share and distribute media
  • Available on iOS and Android

Mojo Dashboards

Is your organisation ready to become a mobile media powerhouse? The Mojo dashboard is changing the way multimedia is commissioned, collected and distributed

  • AWS-powered cloud media archive
  • No more email, WhatsApp or Dropbox!
  • Centrally store private Mojo team media
  • Easily find, reuse and share digital content
Share mobile media anytime, anywhere. No more tedious file transfers, expired links or email threads.
Commission, collect and share mobile media from your team of freelancers, influencers, mobile journalists and creatives.
There’s a Challenge waiting for you. Share your best mobile content and have fun while doing it.

MojoReporter Team Edition

Mojo teams are fast, efficient and mobile-first, producing real-time content; and storing them within our secure media platform for you to manage and publish.

MojoReporter Team Edition allows brands, media houses, digital agencies, sporting organisations, educational institutions and anyone in-between to collect content from authorised team members via a secure web dashboard; eliminating tedious and time-consuming workflows.

Collect content from your team of freelancers, journalists, influencers and more. MojoReporter means anyone in your organisation can be a content creator.

What kind of MOJO are you?

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach. MojoReporter’s team platform solutions mean you can choose the Mojo brand that fits you or your organisation best.

Simplify and standardise workflow between your media department and teams of journalists, influencers and organisational content creators, while increasing engagement across your wider digital community

Empower your players and fans to become the ultimate content producers for your sports organisation by requesting specific content and enabling them to contribute unique, behind-the-scenes sporting moments

Increase collaboration between faculties, lecturers and students by collecting campus media of recorded lectures and announcements, social occasions, and assignment material via smartphone.

Transform into a mobile media powerhouse

Stay ahead of the game by transforming your organisation into a mobile media powerhouse. Collect, store, and share mobile media. Anytime. Anywhere!

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